Blogging as Prayer?

The antic muse compares and contrasts prayer and blogging

Now that’s where I want to push religious and theological focused blogs: blurring the line between prayer and blogging. Sure, we can debate the whole reverential language thing, but are we actually getting anywhere with it? We can do the political journalism bit, but there are others who are already well-established and quite good at that. (Heck, I was reading the Drudge Report and Tom Tomorrow long before I even knew what a blog was.) What if we were to do, say, A Course in Miracles, entirely via blogs? I’m not the only blogger who’s posted poetry. It’s not that far off to posting prayer(s). If blogging can be considered your spiritual discipline, shouldn’t your blogging be spiritual? People could turn to your blog to get that little boost in their day, to keep them going in times of distress, or to inspire their soul to greater heights. Why not? Isn’t a blog of this type a database of roadside pulpit quotes and short homilies?

I’m very curious to see how this blog develops as I move into a full-time engagement with a congregation (at least a year or two off) and I’m writing formal sermons on a regular basis. How will the two activities enhance each other? How will topics in one relate to topics in the other? How will the congregation receive this blog? How will my technological skills and Internet savvy fit into my parish ministry? It’s the grand adventure, the path to ministry, for me to look forward to.