For me, it’s “Welcome back!” FacilitatingParadox.com was my blog home while I was in seminary from 2003 to 2009. Fortunately, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine has dozens of historic captures of my old site. (When I let the domain registration lapse someone else grabbed it and demanded a lot more money to get it back…)

Now, it’s mine again!

Returning to blogging

So, I’m not alone in getting back to blogging. I may still resurrect my EdTech at OWU blog, and there’s definitely one in the works at DUUF.org. But this, and my new Twitter handle, @ParadoxMidwife, are where you’ll find my solid day’s thoughts.

I look forward to the conversations!

Bells and Whistles

More features have been added: a blogroll which I’ve just realized that I can use as a portal to all of my favorite blogs, and a “Currently Reading” link with a Powell’s search box below it. Enjoy!

Jumping on…

Well, I guess I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon. I’ve got my own blog…

What turned me on to blogs? Doonesbury has had characters using blogs for some time now. Plus, I like Tom Tomorrow’s web site and keep tabs on the war in Iraq by way of the agonist.org and another blog from a civilian in Kuwait, (which I don’t have handy at the moment.) I’m also familiar with the User Friendly web site, although I really only read the comics there.

I have searched for blogs on Theology in general and Interfaith Theology in particular and have come up empty handed. So I’m going to speak up in the void. I’m a Unitarian Universalist ministerial student attending a Methodist seminary. I spent six years with the Hare Krishna movement, and have practiced Native American spiritual traditions for the last thirteen years or so.

How about some questions to stir things up and test the one thing I’m curious about when it comes to blogs: how much feedback will a little voice like mine generate…

Where and/or when do you most readily experience the presence of God or Divinity or the Majesty of Nature?
If there is a God, is that God compassionate? How/where do you perceive that divine compassion in the world today?
Should religious institutions be involved in politics?

That aught to be enough to stir things up a bit…