Smile for Two

Check this out. I found it on a Greek site. (At least the text looked Greek to me–you know how the saying goes…)

There were several other adaptations on the typical smiley face there as well.

UPDATE: The link I had posted to the original image has gone awry. If you search Google Images for “Smile” you can still find it buried under many other happy faces.

A Good Book

I’ve dived into Richard E. Rubenstein’s When Jesus Became God: The Struggle to Define Christianity during the Last Days of Rome, and have really been enjoying it. It’s written by a Jewish professor of Conflict Resolution and Public Affairs, so it paints a very broad picture of the history of the Arian controversy. The biggest thing I’ve learned from this book about the Council of Nicea and surrounding personalities and events is that it’s a lot more complicated than you may have heard. You may have known, like I had, that the Council of Nicea (325) was when the Church declared Arianism, (the belief that Jesus was not fully divine,) heretical and wrote the Nicean Creed; well, yes, but… It’s a fascinating, intriguing, entertaining story. (We get to reenact it next weekend, and I’ve got the part of Arius!)