Be the Bread

Talk about blending preaching, prayer, and blogging, I’m going to have to read more Real Live Preacher. Here’s a sample:

If the wafers are going stale for you, be the bread yourself. Break yourself open and nourish the world.

If the communion table seems cheap and tacky, become a table yourself. Be a resting place for the weary.

If you feel there are no more angels, pick up the phone and spread your own tidings.

Gather your bread. Set your table. Shout your good news.

Do these things in remembrance of HIM.

Across, Beyond, Through has also posted a bit of his odyssey. I stand with many who wish to follow the teachings and example of Jesus, not to use him as a scapegoat. I’m looking forward to my upcoming Intro to New Testament class, so I can learn more about him.